How Have ATM Machines Made Our Lives Easier

How Have ATM Machines Made Our Lives Easier

Type the word ATM on your search browser and you will most likely have a map showing the location of all available ATMs near you even before you find the definition of ATM. This right here is the biggest testament of how ATMs have made our lives better, convenience at our fingertips.

The Automatic Teller Machine (United States) or Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a unique electronic device, just like your smartphone. It enables customers of financial institutions/banks to perform financial transactions like cash withdrawals, cash transfers, deposits or obtaining account information, all this without the need of the bank staff. All you need is a debit or a credit card.

The first ATM appeared in London in 1967 and in barely over half a century, they are littered on corners of a building, along busy streets and even in remote villages and islands like Kiribati, a nation in Central Pacific Ocean.

ATMs have made our lives better by bringing convenience to us, saving us time and are secured by PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) keeping our money safe. You no longer have to queue in the banks to have that quick cash you needed to go shopping on your way home. Vice versa, even those making deposits into accounts no longer need to queue. A lot of time that would have been wasted is now put to better use.

Though mobile and online banking may be a great competitor in offering convenience to the way users access their money, there just times when we require hard cash urgently and the ATM is by far the easiest place to access that. ATMs have made a strong case for themselves as now we even have ATMs for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies coming up. This just goes to show how much we rely on these ATMs.